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Facilitated Solutions Facilitators assist you to make progress in exploiting opportunity and managing risk, working within your Policies and Procedures, to deliver the outcomes you want or need.

Facilitated Solutions have successfully facilitated virtual workshops and meetings across Australia for Boards, the C Suite, Divisions, Departments and Teams using the  major platform of your choice (Zoom, Teams, Webex).

The Facilitated Solutions business model has been enhanced by our COVID-19 experience and learning to assist participants prepare (content & technical details) and contribute productively to a virtual discussion. The right combination of tools, processes and people is key.
Virtual (Remote/Digital) Workshops and Meetings
Strategically planned virtual workshops and meetings can enable productive collaboration and meaningful discussion between participants in dispersed locations.  Virtual is not the ideal option but is an effective option when the tyranny of distance, pandemics, or other constraints, need to be overcome.
When virtual is your preferred option, consider the following foundations for success:
1. Outcome Focus
Agree and confirm program and session objectives with the Facilitator. Brief key stakeholders on the structure, role, materials, tools, and objectives. Circulate a rolling Action Plan at the end of each session and at program end. Confirm, in subsequent sessions, that agreed actions are completed.
2. Ground Rules
Structure and process are vital. Communicate ground rules in advance. Obtain participants’ digital agreement to the ground rules to finalise their sign in. Consider ongoing participation being subject to completion of agreed actions/outcomes. Other rules include facilitators role, multitasking, side-emails or calls and participants talking over each other.
3. Strategic Design
Onsite workshops and meetings benefit from participants being together. That’s a luxury that virtual meetings don’t have, and don’t need, if planning and design compensate effectively.

The design challenge is maintaining momentum and flow between the parts (sessions) towards the whole (project objectives) in a virtual environment with fewer physical constraints where time can be used more productively.

Facilitated Solutions plan, design and facilitate using diverse techniques and digital tools to achieve agreed objectives and deliver exceptional benefits.

If participants don’t always need to be in the same space at the same time, consider a combination of:

Regular ‘around the table’ exercises promote engagement and inclusion.

Enable participants to report their progress, on agreed outcomes, at subsequent sessions. Celebrate success!

Post workshop/meeting feedback for valuable learning and flagging future issues.

4. Digital 1st

Facilitated Solutions utilise a plethora of digital tools including virtual whiteboards, templates, real time questions, polling, etc.

Test digital tools in advance.

Implement your back-up plan in the event of technical failure.

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