Is engaging a Facilitator an unnecessary expense?

If a meeting is critical to future success & there are unresolved key stakeholders views, a skilled facilitator delivers ROI by assisting participants to resolve their differences and make progress possible with insight to action.

How does a Facilitator add value?

A skilled Facilitator remains objective and outcome focused in building trust and engaging all participants to achieve a mutually agreed outcome. Skilled Facilitators also manage ‘the noise’ in the room by keeping to the agenda and focusing on outcomes while encouraging and reconciling diverse views.

Is a Facilitator a worthwhile investment?

You understand the issues to be resolved in a meeting that matters.  You also understand the direct cost of the meeting including participants hourly rate, on cost and opportunity cost. A skilled Facilitator overcomes the direct and opportunity cost of unresolved issues. Making progress possible and insight to action delivers a significant return on your investment in a meeting that matters.

See https://www.facilitated-solutions.com.au/facilitating-value/

How do I choose a Facilitator?

Be clear on your objectives. Choose a Facilitator for their understanding of your objectives and their ability to achieve them. Explore options. Use 1 on 1 meetings with prospects to confirm their communication skills. Invite written proposals. Don’t choose a subject expert who undervalues participants engagement as though they are the guest speaker.

Do I need to choose a Facilitator from my State?

No. Choose a Facilitator for their ability to meet your objectives and engage your participants. Travel and accommodation create additional cost but deliver a higher return when the Facilitator is on your participants wave length and shares their values. An atheist might not be the best Facilitator for a church organisation, an indigenous person may be a good choice for an indigenous organisation and a business consultant may be a good fit for a corporate strategic planning session.

Why choose a Facilitator through Facilitated Solutions?

You choose from a range of Facilitators selected for their skills and ongoing investment in lifelong learning. In building the national network, Facilitated Solutions chose professionals from diverse backgrounds with proven facilitation skills. Those who make progress possible by assisting participants develop insight to action. Our Facilitators also provide a Non-Disclosure Agreement protecting the confidentiality of information you provide.

Does the Facilitator have a role post your meeting that matters?

You decide post meeting deliverables. An external objective Facilitator’s value is extended when they are engaged to detail agreement on What, Why, Who, When.

How does Facilitated Solutions manage quality?

Members are expected to invest in their ongoing learning. Members also agree to electronically store contractual agreements and client evaluations from work generated through Facilitated Solutions. Should a client complain about quality, service, or payment, members agree to make Agreements and Evaluations available to Facilitated Solutions upon request. Failure to provide a copy of a agreement and  evaluation, within 7 days of written request, terminates a members membership.

Facilitated Solutions seek to resolve disputes to the satisfaction of both parties, as soon as reasonably possible.

Does Facilitated Solutions have a Code of Conduct?

As a national network of skilled Facilitators, members agree to act in accordance with International Association of Facilitators Statement of Values and Code of Ethics. A breach, not remedied within 14 working days, invites the member’s resignation. Failure to resign terminates membership.

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