About Us

Leaders act to realise opportunity in times of ambiguity, and disruption and understand the value of a facilitated workshop engaging key stakeholders in developing shared vision and agreeing strategic direction.

Leaders recognise that the facilitators role is to:

  • - motivate an action bias to overcome 'analysis paralysis',
  • - invite diverse views and resolve conflict
  • - make progress possible in meetings that matters. 

Facilitated Solutions provides skilled facilitators who:

  • - create a safe place to develop and review diverse options.
  • - assist clarity by framing challenges or opportunities
  • - engage participants to develop then reconcile diverse views
  • - identify significant differences in decision makers assumptions
  • - resolve conflict and develop cross functional collaboration
  • - define options and facilitate agreement on a preferred option
  • - facilitate insight to action to achieve the preferred option
  • - confirm shared vision (problems, opportunities, options, solutions)
  • - document strategies, tactics, and actions to achieve agreed specific, measurable, and timely objectives


Facilitated Solutions

Benefit from a facilitated workshop tailored to meet your specific needs using a growing network of skilled facilitators to assist you to achieve the outcomes you want from a meeting that matters.

To discuss facilitation needs anywhere in Australia, speak to a Facilitator or email Facilitated Solutions

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