1. Initial discussion to clarify your goals and how we can best assist you to meet them.
  1. Written Proposal – how we work with you to achieve your goals broken down step by step, including deliverables, timelines, and any recommended pre-work.
  1. Alignment of our Proposal with your Goals, Vision and Mission
  1. Acceptance – confirmation that our proposal meets your objectives.
  1. Tax Invoice – 50% of agreed fee payable within 14 days. Preparation has commenced including research, business intelligence review and interviews.
  1. Pre-Meeting with Chair, CEO, or other nominee to work through and confirm session details including a complete list of participants, group work and catering.
  1. Workshop where Facilitator focuses participants on outcomes and development of strategies and tactics to overcome challenges or exploit opportunities.
  1. Tax Invoice – Final payment for services rendered payable within 30 days.
  1. Facilitation Report within 10 working days documenting all action agreed including participant’s ongoing responsibility.
  1. Follow Up to obtain feedback on how we complement your efforts to drive solutions arising from the workshop.

To discuss your needs, speak directly to a Facilitator or Facilitated Solutions on 0411 522521