Facilitated Solutions has skilled and experienced Facilitators in Australian each state including capital cities and regional areas.

Facilitated Solutions will assist you to find a Facilitator with the specific skills and experience you need wherever you are.  



 Bill Jarrad  

Bill is recognised for his expertise in critical and creative thinking methods and facilitation skills to develop Boards, Executive and staff ability to Think, Learn, and Innovate.  

Bill facilitates creative thinking to assist Clients better define and meet current challenges and provides tools to manage the change required to achieve the performance improvement that Clients’ desire.  

In Victoriacontact Bill on 0419 645 299 or bill@mindwerx.com

New South Wales

Port Stephens

Kathy Rimmer

Kathy has expertise in the finance and learning development sectors and business/not-for-profit community boards.

Kathy’s facilitates by bringing people together into a cohesive collaborative team to create a tangible strategy broken down into actionable goals that staff understand and actively implement to contribute to their organisations’ overall success.

In New South Wales, contact Kathy on 0409 070 622 or kathy@yinyangconsulting.com.au



John Cleary

John has successfully facilitated for Boards of publicly listed companies, owner-operated, managed businesses and not for profits.

John understands the need to confirm then meet Client’s objectives. He makes progress possible by maintaining an outcome focus while engaging participants and reconciling different perspectives.

In Queensland, contact John 0411 522 521 or ceo@bluechipconsultinggroup.com.au

Western Australia


Tineke Van der Eecken

Tineke facilitates in the creative, community and health sectors using a supported pro-active approach.

Tineke thinks outside the box and works with participants to develop inclusive and viable options.

Tineke is a skilled communicator and a good listener with great empathy.

In Western Australia, contact Tineke on 0423 767744 or tinekevde@me.com

Bill Jarrard Facilitator 0419645299
John Cleary Facilitator 0411522521