Sectors & Fees

Each Facilitator can outline their direct facilitation experience in the Business, Not for Profit and Government sectors and how they deliver value by making progress possible.


Facilitated Solutions work with ‘not for profit’ clients in governance, strategic planning, organisational reviews, organisational and service development, change management, workforce planning, labour management, pricing reviews and digital transformation.

Facilitated Solutions have a strategic response for Aged and Disability providers to assist strategically manage government policy changes which place greater emphasis on consumer directed care and client choice.  Policy which drives competitive challenges in retaining and developing a client base and associated opportunities and risks. 

The Aged and Disability sectors will inevitably have less providers in the next 3 years.  Thrivers work to a strategic plan made operational every day in everything they do to provide consumer directed care. Their strategic planning will benefit from an experienced Facilitator's skills.


Facilitated Solutions work with business in governance, strategic planning, conflict resolution, digital transformation, pricing policy and agreeing strategic responses to opportunities & risk, competitive challenges and disruption.


 Facilitated Solutions Facilitators work with Government at all levels in multiple functions including:

aged    agriculture    consumer affairs    disability    education    energy    family & children    finance    forestry    health    gaming    ICT    indigenous affairs    innovation    manufacturing    racing    recreation    retail    social enterprise    sustainability    water              

 “There is nothing quite so useless as doing with great efficiency

something that should not be done at all.”     Peter Drucker


Facilitated Solutions fees reflect our commitment to deliver value in excess of your investment. 

Facilitated Solutions enable you to:

  • identify that which shouldn’t be done at all
  • focus on Goals, Objectives & Strategies to deliver Mission, Vision & strategic objectives.

To discuss your needs, speak directly to a Facilitator or Facilitated Solutions