Facilitators work across Australia including Regional Rural and Remote locations. 

You choose your Facilitator.


John Cleary     0411 522 521

John Cleary Facilitator 0411522521

John facilitates solutions for clients across multiple sectors. His strengths are developing shared vision, thought leadership and an action bias.

John is strategic in approach, has an excellent understanding of the governance framework and recognises the value of diversity in developing options and solutions.

Contact John on 0411 522 521 or by email.



Bill Jarrard     0419 645 299

Bill Jerrard Facilitator 0419645299

Bill is an expert in using critical and creative thinking methods to develop Boards and Executive teams ability to think, learn, and innovate.

Bill facilitates outcomes that assist Clients better meet current challenges and achieve the performance improvement results they want.

Contact Bill on 0419 645 299 or by email.



Tineke Van Der Eecken     0423 767 744

Tineke van der Eecken Facilitator 0423767744

Tineke has a diverse background as a CEO, community leader and community developer.

Tineke works with clients in community and health sectors. Her strength is developing a supported pro-active approach to solutions.

Tineke thinks outside the box and works with leaders to develop inclusive and viable options.

Contact Tineke on 0423 767 744 or by email.